Magnetar News

【Web Service】
Property management web site. (10 Jan 2020)
“Electrick Children”DVD Release/Rental. (8 July 2015)
【Pet products】
Test sale of pet products "POOPYCAT" (7 Nov 2014)
"THE FALL season1" DVD Release・Rental. (1 Oct 2014)
"Mijikai Kioku" DVD Release・Rental. (4 Jun 2013)
【Web Service】
Site contracting business. (6 Feb 2013)
Management “Dai・Tai” (1 Oct 2012)
"The Cat"DVD Release・Rental. (5 Sep 2012)
"Soba ni oide" first edition on sale. (11 Jul 2012)
"Mijikai kioku" MIN Yongkeun (director), YOU Dain (leading actress), Opened the special movie event. (5 Jun 2012)
"Mijikai kioku"the official web site. (16 Apr 2012)
【Web Site】
Opened the official Japanese web site by PARK min young. (9 Apr 2012)
"The cat" the official web site. (1 Feb 2012)
"Sayonara, neko yo arigatou" On sale. (26 Dec 2011)